Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Real Competition

Micromax, most urbanites would recall this name as cheap low cost phone manufacturer in India.

Well actually speaking everything above is true, except one big change. And the biggest change is we have dropped the world low quality completely. There was a time when people would buy those cheap Chinese phones at about 3-5 k (less than 100$) for various features like big screen, touch screen and analog TV and of course ultra-loud speakers. This was a thriving business back then. But there was no android and no iPhone at that point in time. But one thing was very clear, and that is nobody expected quality out of it.

Now moving ahead few months the mobile industry saw a paradigm shift when apple launched its brand new iPhone ( I too bought one ). Quality had a new definition. Quality not only meant a durable hardware pencil Nokia was a champion. Quality also meant world class OS. Yes, I said OS and not just software. Apple changed the whole definition of operating systems on phone. Later they reinvented it with an AppStore. This change actually changed the way people looked at phones and they started expecting more.....and more from their software.

And as we know it just wiped out those cheap low quality Chinese phone which will be even hard to find in china now days. It also wiped a large market share from Nokia, blackberry and many more.

This led to a big opportunity which google grabbed and launched android. Again I must say I was one of the early bird to use it. Android became the life saver and this led to rise of a new generation of phones.

This again brings us to Micromax. Recently there has been a big war between Apple, Samsung and Nokia. And we seem to ask who will be the winner in India. Well my answer is you have forgotten the micromaxes of the world. Manufactures are offering great products. And trust me these product offer great value for money. For instance you can get a Micromax Bolt for abt 4k I.e less than 80$, which is an excellent device for the price what your are paying.  With andriod on it, you are free to buy and use any app. And this is gonna really eat into the bigger pie from inside.

Hope ppl at apple, Samsung and Nokia are listening and keeping their guards up against these manufacturers.and once again it's the OS which is making the big difference. As they say history repeats

Time will tell the actual outcome, till then bye.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Decade.

As i sit down to write this piece of blog time seems to fly by. I still remember the day when we entered the new Millennium. But this decade has been a great one.

As i am more close to technology i will prefer to talk about them as there was a huge change and we took a generation leap when its comes to gadgets around us. This was the decade we went digital in true sense. Be it the cars which we drive or the mobiles which we use.

The most Imp milestones of the decade when it comes to technology was bought to us a huge array of products which are being used by each one of us. And going into the next decade they are carrying a weapon called Android which virtually puts google in everybody's hand. My estimate is that 1 in every 3 person on this planet will come in contact with a google product by early 2012. that's a huge number and here normal market theories don't work. Google has become a huge monster which we are feeding.

The other most imp discovery was Facebook, never thought a simple website connecting ppl will be such a  huge success. Mark zuckerbrg became the youngest billionaire and at the time of writing this article Facebook was valued at $50 Bn. Frankly speaking i personally feel facebook with current set of products is a big hype. The next decade will be a big challenge for them.

Not to forget wikileaks as it has changed the way world looks at the art of whistle blowing.

When it comes to hardware i guess the only few company to have top of the mind recall would be Apple, Sony and Nintendo.

Apple not only came up with ipod and iphone and finally the Ipad, here we can safely call them the most successful product in our history.
By launching Iphone we took the first step towards amalgamating human feelings with a machine. and what a successfully product it was. kudos to apple for using their bandwidth to bring a product which was so far from competition that it took them 3 years and some support from google in the form of android to come up with a product whcih we can call a worthy competitor.

Sony on the other hand gave gamers their ultimate machine. With the launch of PS3 the possibilities in a game opened up exponentially. by the end of 2010 they launched Playstation Move. A motion sensor gaming platform. This is simply going to change the way we play games in future. And how can we forget Kinect from Microsoft, well lot of ppl praising it. with this we can be sure that gaming in next decade with be a lot different.

So many changes happened in this decade which are worth the mention but lack of time keeps it aways.

As far as i am concerned i am writing on this blog after 2 years. And i hope to write more on specific topics related to technology and other things of my interest.